and here I sit. Can’t fall asleep and yet can’t get motivated to cross anything off my huge to-do list either. And that darn thing just keeps growing…..and growing……and growing. I wish I would have gotten off my round tush the last couple of weeks and accomplished more.

I’m looking forward to starting work again next week–the timing couldn’t be better, as their requested start date lets me be off for Erin’s first day of school and gives me a couple of days when the kids are in school to get a few things done (hopefully).

Took the kiddos to a local orchard today to pick peaches… was a little disappointing. First of all it was raining. So while it wasn’t a big deal to get wet, it wasn’t as much fun as I’d hoped it would be (and there were no cute pictures!). And the orchard is new–so there was ONE tree that they said had ripe ready to pick peaches, and they were so little!! And I thought fairly expensive–one peck-sized bag is $12!!