I never quite know what my kids are going to say……

Nicholas, as he’s introduced to my boss: “Hello, Mrs. Wacker.”
Me: “That’s MR. Wacker, Nicholas” (as everyone laughs)
Nicholas: “Yeah, well, Mrs. Wacker….Mr. Wacker. They pretty much rhyme.”

Later that night…..

My boss: “So, when do you get out of school for Christmas?”
Nicholas: “Next Friday and we get out for almost three whole weeks!!!”
My boss: “That is awesome!”
Nicholas: “Yeah, but it kinda sucks because my mom only gets off work for like four days and two of those days are normal weekend days so how fair is that?”

(it’s a good thing my boss is a good guy)

Erin, as I showed her a few turtlenecks I’d picked up for her: “Awesome, mommy!! I just love longnecks!”

(sneaking a few cookies in her longneck)