Oh, the things I could do….with $500.

Mama Kat's prompt this week is such an easy one for me. Imagining her Barbie-singing self handing me five crisp, cool $100 bills was a lovely little daydream. Naturally the list of what I could/would/want to do with it is long. Verrrrrrry long. But my #1 choice, right this very minute?

One word: Blissdom.

I'd buy a ticket to this conference in a hot second. Sure, it's mostly business. I'd learn from Shelly 'Amazeballs' Kramer and Jeff Goins how to take my writing from ho-hum to kick butt. I'd soak up the brilliance that is Susan Cain and Scott Stratten. I'd get excited, learn to focus, hone my voice and be surrounded by people who get why I love this blog and what it does for me.

I'd do my best to not be awestruck by the other bloggers there; the ones that I know, the ones that I learn from, the ones I admire from afar and the ones I have a not-so-subtle blogcrush on. I'd find community. 

I'd be super tongue-tied at the sight of Ana Gasteyer, listen to crooner (and fellow Kansan) Chris Mann and shake it like I just don't care at Girl's Night

I'd try to not miss my kiddos, eat a meal without having to clean up something spilled on the carpet and come back home a happier, refreshed and unstoppable mama they can be proud of.

So, $500? Yeah, totally Blissdom. And worth every stinkin' penny.

I'm linking up today with Mama Kat's Losin It's Writer's Workshop, and my post was inspired by option number 3: If I gave you $500 today, but you could use it for only one purchase, what would you buy and why?