I’m crying uncle……this new schedule of mine is seriously kicking my ass. I’m not complaining because I love that my days move fast, but really. Falling asleep as soon as I sit on the couch at night is not good!!

During the work week I’m up by 5 and out the door by 6:45. Home around 5:30 to make dinner, read books, give baths, do homework, have “couch time” and clean up. No time to get caught up on anything.

saturdays are usually filled with errands…..groceries, Costco, misc. shopping, Church. And all of that with the kids is twice as tiring as it should be….all the loading & unloading. By Sundays I am just fried. All the “to-do’s” that keep piling up seem like they’ll never get done.

But enough of that……moving on to the random-ness of the week:

*There is a guy who calls me at work while he uses the bathroom. I know it’s him before I hear his voice because I can hear him peeing…..then I hear his voice and he’s so drunk it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad……then I hear the flush…..

*At Church tonight we celebrated the baptism of Jesus, so the songs all had a water/baptism theme. During the Offertory we sang “Come to the Water” and then during Communion the first song was “Come to the River”. After the first verse Nicholas leaned over and said “Mom, we were just at the water–isn’t that the same thing? Why are we going back there?” :)

*Adam asked today why I haven’t given Phil a new key to our home……and then tried to think of reasons to convince me that I should give him a key.

*I cannot regulate my furnace. The thermostat moves on it’s own…..I set it at 64 and 10 minutes later it’s back at 70. It’s either freezing or roasting in here and it drives me batty.

*I’m going to Utah in a month. Never been there– should be fun.

*The estimate on my car was more than $3800.00. Seriously. The guy said it had been in a major front end collision and that the inside was seriously messed up. It’s even missing parts. Need to start the fraud claim and see where we go from here.

*I was so happy that Grey’s was on this week….. :) I want McDreamy to move on and be happy with Rose, for George to get a backbone, for Bailey to have a happy home life, and for Karev to show that he’s really a nice guy afterall.

*I miss scrapping. Had big plans to get some stuff done…..and that brings me full circle to the beginning of this post.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!