So this was a very busy weekend. Dad & Karen were here, which was so nice. Karen & I took Erin to have breakfast with the Fairy Princess this morning……and while Erin was just tickled to have seen the Princess, I have to say that the event itself was so poorly executed by Zona Rosa. It was disorganzied and just “blah”…..they could have done so much to make it really magical but they didn’t. AND we waited in line for almost 2 hours for our picture…..I get that we may have to do that if we just go in randomly, but we went early and it was really, really frustrating.

Anyway…..Erin loved it, she had a blast. Here’s a few pics of our morning:

In other news, it was a VERY strange weekend with Phil. He’d mentioned several times that he didn’t want to see my Dad. So I had Adam run the keys to the rental car down to his apartment so that Phil wouldn’t have to come in and see anyone, and he went nuts. Told Adam that “your mom must not want me around” and was being a jerk. So I told him he was being a jerk, and he asked if he could come say hi to Dad & Karen. He walked right past Karen and into the living room to talk to my Dad. My Dad was uncomfortable because Phil kept trying to hug him, he was crying, and trying to talk about us. My Dad told him that our marriage and our divorce are private and between us, and that he’s not going to discuss it with Phil. He said that he’d be happy to sit down and have a beer with him, that they could be friends, and that in 6 months things will be better and we’ll all be more adjusted.

The whole thing was so very strange. My Dad actually thinks I need to move and live far away from him, and said I have a ‘very long road’ ahead of me. Kerry, you were right–we can’t be friends. He takes any act of civility and kindness as hope that we can be together and that’s just not going to happen. And Kelly you were right, too–it’s annoying and it pisses me off.

And, finally, in basket news, I got absolutely nothing done this weekend. NOTHING. SO, I will be making 300 baskets this week. Wish me luck (and pray I don’t hit the sauce mid-week) 😉