Or is it whine? This has been a tough week at work. I’d been back from training for 2 days and my boss called both the acct. manager and I in for a “come to Jesus” meeting. My response was, literally, “are you kidding me?” Her question was “how long do I have to wait for you to turn this branch around and make money?” To which I asked again “are you kidding me?” I told her that she was completely unrealistic to think that having been there for 2 months, and having been back from training for 2 days meant I would magically bring the branch out of the hole it’s been digging for the past year. This went on for two long hours……….

Not to mention all the crap they dropped when I was gone–I’ve done a ridiculous amount of clean up this week. I’ve had three clients call and tell me that they never got people last week, that they never got return phone calls last week, that they were going to look for another agency if I couldn’t fix it. And she just blew it off. We need hours and cash flow and she blew off the current accounts by just ignoring them….then lectured us for not having enough hours.

To top that all off, she’s promoting one of her friends into a position of Branch Manager. I’m already sick of them whispering, and snickering and it’s only going to get worse because this girl lives to kiss ass and to will stab you in the back if you turn for even a second. She was supposed to “train” me on some computer things this week and started by saying “you never do this…..” so I asked her which files I didn’t do that on and when she gave me a name I couldn’t help but remind her that this particular file was opened (and this thing not done) before I even started working there, and that the second mistake on the file was done by her, not me. She didn’t talk to me for the rest of the day after that conversation.

I hate office politics.

Finally, my boss tried to tell me today that if we get a certain account she’ll require me to take time off mid-days during the week so I can come in and work Saturdays without being paid overtime. When I told her that I will not do that without being paid overtime because I have to pay someone to watch my kids if I work on a Saturday she made a comment about my not being dedicated to the branch’s success.

Just thinking about it all makes me want more wine :)

BUT despite it all I do like my job, so I will find a way to figure it all out.

Is it Saturday yet?????