Lots of thinking lately about the concept of ‘good enough’….you know, as in am I a ‘good enough’ person, mom, friend, daughter, sister, worker, companion, citizen…..not just ‘good’, but good enough.

And I’m thinking that I’ll never, ever really be good enough. Not by my standards anyway–there will always be something to improve, something to do better, an ability to be kinder to someone…..

Don’t know why this upcoming Easter holiday made me think of this, but it has. I am remembering how my mom dressed us 3 girls up in pretty pastel dresses, brand new white shiny Payless shoes and big, floppy, ribboned hats for Easter Sunday. The Easter Bunny typically left a pretty new purse for each of us and we all felt very prim and ladylike, even when hunting for Easter eggs in my grandma & grandpa’s yard. Picture perfect, or so it may have seemed. Did that make it good enough? Especially if you scratch the surface of that picture and remember that appearances can be deceptive and not necessarily representative of how good or bad life really was then?

Fast forward 30 years and now I’m the mom. We’ll dress up for church and attend Mass, but there will be no new clothes or shiny new shoes. My daughter won’t wear a floppy hat and we won’t be anywhere but home for our Easter Egg hunt. Doesn’t mean it’s less than, does it?

When you scratch the surface and see that we’ll spend the day together, eating good food and enjoying each other’s company, that should suffice for good enough….though I wonder if my kiddos hear the stories from the other kids and, in comparison, have their own thoughts of ‘good enough’. I’d like to hope I’m raising them to see past the smoke and mirrors of appearances, but they’re kids–and let’s face it, sometimes with kids what they see IS their reality, regardless of accuracy.

Wishing everyone a very, very Happy Easter weekend filled will all that makes your life good enough. Or, as a good friend of mine said, Happy Keester!!