That’s been me lately–funky and grumpy and generally unpleasant. This morning I open up my horoscope and read this:

Dreaming about making a change in your life is nice, but unless you actually do it, you are just wasting time and fooling yourself. Imagining how things could be different is a fun way to stay flexible and open-minded — but if all you do is think about change all day long you are never going to make any. Action is required to bring dreams to life, so it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. People can help if you let them in on your plans.

Huh. Talk about a kick in the ass. Now if that horoscope could just follow me around and poke me when I fall back into the funk………..

In other news:

*Nicholas has become quite the Scrabble King. Yes, my 8 year old is awesome at this game. Last time we played he beat me, so tonight when he asked to play I said “are you sure, it’s starting to get late” and his response was: “Oh yeah. I am ready to kick your booty!!”
*Erin announced at dinner that this was “the best Christmas EVER….even though we didn’t get very many gifts, and except for when I threw up.” Makes me wonder just how bad she thought all our previous Christmas’ have been.
*Adam is being such a trooper babysitting in the mornings while I’m at work. Don’t know what I’d do without him.