that when I get a “life”, my blog suffers. Yeah, yeah, I know–in the big scheme of things, this is not a tragic event. Shouldn’t even really register as a blip on the radar. EXCEPT that this blog is sort of a reflection of Me in more ways than one.

When things get “busy” parts of me start slipping through the cracks, like this blog. Which, in all honesty, is just a way for me to journal. But like any busy working mom, when things get busy I don’t take the time for me–to journal, to reflect, to breathe….heck, to even blink sometimes. I stop taking time to just sit still and feel the music I listen to, read a book, ponder my thoughts, absorb the sunshine (wait–it’s winter in Kansas. I’m not missing anything there). But you get the point.

So, what’s been distracting me from life, you ask? Let’s see…..

*Work–yes, it’s true, even without a “real” job I have to cobble enough together so I dont’ move my lovely kiddos to the proverbial box behind WalMart. And the problem is, I have more than I can realistically keep up with. I am always and forever running behind.

*Kids–duh. They keep me busy. And scattered. And broke.

*Dating. Yes, I said dating. This is a strange new world for me. I really wish I’d practiced this more when I was young, not-yet-jaded, and still cute. Instead I now haul myself into the dates, dragging my baggage behind me and hope for the best. I’m learning a ridiculous amount–I’d forgotten just how different everyone is (yes, even men, who I tend to stereotype into one category), how much most people just want to be liked, how awkward the first few dates are and how after a month or two you wish you could go back to the awkward part because at least then they were on their best behavior.

*Home improvement-ish projects. No, I haven’t developed new remodeling talents. But I have sewn my first set of curtains (please don’t check out the hems too closely), spiffed up a couple of lamps with paint and pretty fabric, and added some funky and unique ‘art’ to the walls. This all makes me happy.

Hopefully, someday, I’ll get it together enough to have a life and time for me, too. We can always hope. In the meantime, because I’m so incredibly excited about where I’m going to be Saturday night, I leave you with one of my favorites…..