Big stuff going on around here. Yesterday the boys had their first 1/2 days of school. Adam was so excited he was up and ready at 6:30 a.m. I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around him being in Jr. High. I keep asking, and I know I’ll never get the answer, but when the heck did that happen?? I am so not kidding when I say that it feels like yesterday that I brought that tiny little guy home from the hospital and we spent afternoons napping (he fit so nicely right on my chest, with his little head nudged perfectly under my chin) and getting to know each other. Now he wears men’s size clothing and is almost bigger than me. Still sweet, still my baby. But off to a whole new world. 200 kids in his 7th grade class, in a math class with 9th graders, fighting with his locker combination. My big guy.

Nicholas was steady this year–in years past he’s been a little nervous before starting a new class, but this year he has Ms. Donoho. Oh, how he loves Ms. Donoho. She was his K teacher and last year switched to 2nd Grade. Nicholas’ 1st grade teacher told me that Ms. Donoho requested him this year, and I really think we would have had huge problems if he didn’t get Ms. Donoho. (This is the teacher that he detoured and hugged every single morning last year on his way to 1st grade……he just adores her).

And today, Little Miss Erin started K. Wow. She was beyond excited, beyond ready. She told me last night she was a little nervous….when I asked her what she was nervous about she said “well, there might be spiders there”. Not quite sure what that was about :) I took her into her room, read a book with her and observed while everyone trickled in. Some were as excited as Erin. One little boy started a tantrum as soon as his parents left….poor little guy got taken away by the counselor (who is so tender and awesome with these kids). She had the biggest smile on her face–another mom turned to me and said “wow, is she always that happy?). And that made me one proud mama.

Oh–and just in case you’re wondering, Erin gave me permission to walk her into class today “because it’s the first day, that will be ok Mom. But then you know I’m a big girl so after today I’ll just walk in with Nicholas. You know, like a normal kid.” :)