I should know better. I get all excited when I find blog challenges and vow that I'm going to follow through. I rationalize that if someone is giving me a prompt, it will only take a few minutes to post something thoughtful. You would think, wouldn't you, that after 41 years I'd have figured myself out.

You'd be wrong. Here we are on Day 23 of the Toni's All About Me challenge and I think I've completed maybe a handful of them. Not because I haven't wanted to. But because of the whole time issue. And the energy issue. And the lack of creative thought issue. That, my friends, adds up to far too many issues.

But today seemed appropriate to jump back in with this prompt: Something or Someone Who Has Impacted My Life. That's a rather broad prompt, don't you think? I'm of the opinion that everyone I've crossed paths with (and even many I've not even met) has affected my life in some way. Some good, some bad, some amazing and some catastrophic. But each and every one of them were teachers, in one way or another.

It would be more fun and so much more salacious to talk about the demons. Lord knows that dating after divorce provides ample fodder for that topic, as does being an entrepreneur in a creative service industry. But I bitch and moan about all of that quite enough, and I'm reminded that what we focus on is what we live. They don't deserve any more attention; at least not from me.

Instead, today I choose to think of people who have been angels in my life. Family, friends, acquaintances, teachers, clients, virtual strangers. People who flit in and do or say something that touches me so profoundly that I can barely speak. They remind me that even when reality rears its ugly head that I am blessed. and am surrounded by people who believe in me. They see the better parts of me when I'm too tired to look, give freely and expect nothing in return. The giving can be a kind word, a hand up or a surprise gift. Some bless me with kind and encouraging words; others with a swift kick in the ass. They seem to appear just when I need what they are offering, and they leave me stunned and wishing I could do something in return. Something to even the score. Something to say 'thank you' when the words just aren't enough.

Thing is, though, I doubt I 'll ever even the score. I will try, though, to pay all the kindness forward. To notice when someone else is struggling, exhausted, sad or lonely and step in for a moment to bless them as I've been blessed.