1. The account manager at work who tells people who, in the system, are never to be hired again, telling them “oh, let me talk to the manager and see what we can do”. Hello, they’re not hireable for a reason.

2. The account manager who does interviews she wants to do but passes off those on work release (who will be coming en masse) to me.

3. The account manager who puts a client on hold and says “Lisa, stall him or chat or something while I find his file…..what the heck was the name of their business?”…..are we sensing a theme here?

4. The gas company whose automated system tells me I don’t owe any money yet disconnected my service today. This is the same company that said they left a notice on my door on April 11th but trust me when I say there wasn’t one. Their response? Well, if you call too early to make a payment the automated system will say you have no payment due, and our guy said he left a notice but maybe it blew away. Either way, we’ll need $500+ to reconnect you AND you’ll need to be home for us to do that AND we’ll do it whenever we feel like it. GRR.

5. All this talk about IEP goals and hours completed for Adam’s Quest program seriously makes my brain hurt.

6. Ms Dora chastising me for walking downstairs with Erin this morning. “Now Mother, you know full well she’s capable of coming down here by herself. She’s going to kindergarten next year so you better stop babying her now. Have a good day”

7. Hearing Erin tell me about her day and she says “we watched Fairly Odd Parents and Sponge Bob and Clifford and Dora and Curious George…..” Yeah.