What’s that old saying? Something about putting the cart before the horse…or maybe it’s the chicken before the egg (or vice versa)? Not sure, but I do know that I more often than not I perpetuate the sentiment. I think, I plan, I worry, I think some more, I plan, I miss the boat….sometimes. Other times I’m first on.

I intend to make this a summer with many more first-on experiences than not. So while I’m still planning our 2013 Summer Bucket List, I decided to seize the moment and get while the getting is good. And what was good this weekend was strawberries.

So we drove out to Edgerton to Gieringers’ Orchard; the drive was fun and even though Nicholas was engrossed in his book Erin enjoyed the scenery. I love how she gets excited every time she sees a body of water. I remind her when she says ‘look at that lake’ that what it really is is a pond, and she reminds me that she’d like to see the ocean this summer. Tit for tat, I suppose.

It was a good time to go to the orchard. Since it had rained for the better part of the last week there were plenty of open rows for us to pick on our own, so even though we weren’t the only ones there it wasn’t terribly crowded. The kids went straight to the huge hay bales to climb and bicker and jump and scream. They had a blast and even pretended to like each other when they thought I wasn’t looking.


Then we got our box and were taken to our row, where a lovely lady told the kids to pinch instead of pull and to leave the berries with green tips or less than bright red color. Then we got busy. True to form, Erin blew through, moving ahead of Nicholas and insisting that there weren’t enough berries to pick just where we were. Nicholas went after her, pulling back vines and finding countless berries to pick but still searching for the ‘perfect’ one. And by ‘perfect’ we’re talking about size…he’s such a boy.

Less than half a row of picking later, we had a full box of berries and Erin was worried enough about an errant bee that we sunk our flag and paid for our fruit. One more quick romp through the hay bales and we were off, but not before both of them begged to come back for blackberry season.

They had so much fun they didn’t even mind when I headed down the road to check out White Tail Run Winery, also in Edgerton. I first learned about this winery at the Overland Park Farmer’s Market and was excited to swing by and check it out.

The kids were more excited about the owners’ two dogs and I have to admit that I understand why. In a different world, I’d love an old soul sweetie like their bigger dog.

The tasting room isn’t big; the owner explained that it’s a temporary space as they expand. And I hope they do expand, because their wines are lovely. Award winning, too, as evidenced by the charming little corner display of medals.


I tried five or six wines and can honestly say I enjoyed each and every one even though two of them were white (I’m typically a red girl). I’m most excited to open the Chambourcin Dry but the Blushing Buck is a close second.

I’m excited for this summer; while I have some plans already set, like a trip to Lake of the Ozarks, time at the City Market and possibly a weekend in St. Louis, I’m hoping for many an impromptu trip to anywhere, raucous nights at the K, new flavors of ice cream and movies watched from atop my car.