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Here we are…..April 1st, and I think it's time for true confessions: I logged into BPS tonight at 9:30 and read March's prompt for the first time (I don't get the emails….don't get me started). I was resigned to posting another 'I didn't do anything this month' but when I read the prompt I was overcome with this amazing realization that my word has been living with me –through me–all month.

It's a private thing that prompted this feeling. Private because it's embarassing, heartbreaking and just plain sad. It involves a man. A man that I had been with for a year. A man I thought was someone special. Someone I thought was supposed to be in my life. Someone who had become more important to me than I'd become to myself. I can't even tell you how much I cringe when I admit that, but it's true. What took 10 years of marriage to do to me took this relationship only a year to accomplish. And I can see now, in hindsight, that I lost myself. Actually, lost probably isn't a strong enough word; I think I buried myself. Slowly, spoonful by spoonful, until I couldn't see the light of day anymore.

How fitting then, that in March, my annual 'spring cleaning' month, that I purged. I opened my eyes, saw what had been there all along, acknowledged what I didn't want to admit, swallowed my pride, found my balls and said goodbye. I didn't want to but I knew I needed to. I leaned on friends (one in particular, who saved me more than once and gave me such a soft and loving place to land). I reclaimed my time, learned to appreciate the quiet and came to see this painful experience for what it really was: a gift.

Because the truth is he really wasn't good for me; but because I was good for him he was never going to say goodbye. Didn't matter how much I questioned or how often I confronted; liars are liars because they are good at it. They are convincing. They listen so that they understand what you want to hear, and they deliver. Brilliantly. I can't blame him for being him; he'd told me who he was when we first met. I didn't hear it then; instead, I heard what I wanted to hear. I saw the picture he created for me rather than the man he really is. I bought it. Hook, line and sinker.

But here's the really remarkable thing: I can't get mad at him. I am sad, because I came to the realization that none of his actions were about me. He was broken before we met, and he'll be broken until he chooses to heal. I was merely a bandaid, a temporary fix for a hurt that can't be seen but I am sure he constantly feels. So even though I've said goodbye, I still send thoughts of lightness and peace. I want him to someday choose to be happy.

And I am grateful to him, because through all of this I finally became….a little more understanding, a bit more wise, a tad more aware and a lot more me. Bring on April!!

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