15 days. That’s what I’m telling myself today; 15 days to normal.

And by normal I mean a routine. I mean full days to myself to work instead of juggling more balls than I can count. I mean a schedule that I can pretend to be in control of. I mean back to school.

This summer has been wonderfully crazy. We’ve had so much more activity than summers past, and I’m feeling it. My budget is feeling it. My energy level is feeling it. My heart is feeling it.

I haven’t broken out my art goodies all summer. This month is no exception. But my word…thank God for my word. It’s been in the forefront, every day, reminding me to slow down and breathe, to take every last hug the kids offer and to exhale and melt a little more when Erin whispers ‘stay just another minute, Mommy. I like when you’re here’ as I tuck her in at night.

Since we traveled at the beginning of the month, I didn’t do the post-it assignment. But I loved the idea and will do it a subsequent month. Instagram is my version of the post-it note, since I’ve been able to snap a picture of each moment I’ve stopped to take in. The gorgeous clouds in the sky, the sunsets that take my breath away, the rainbows that came after a hard rain, the dinners I enjoyed and a few moments I was able to sneak away to enjoy. There are others that just weren’t captured, and that’s ok.


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