Got back home tonight from taking the kids to Hays to visit Dad & Karen. It was a very nice trip…but very busy! It was Wild West Days in Hays and my sister Laura took Brenna & I to see Night Ranger in concert. Yes, I said Night Ranger. You know–“Sister Christian” Night Ranger. It was a blast, though I was reminded why I don’t drink and barhop anymore, and I’m still sore from dancing. But still–fun.
Then there were the fireworks that Fort Hays State put on. Wow, I think these were the most beautiful fireworks I’ve ever seen. We had the most perfect seats thanks to my dad knowing campus and the kids were so funny. They kept saying “someone pinch me!” and Erin kept saying “well I didn’t expect that!” and Nicholas was my favorite–at one point he was a little quiet and said “I think I’m in heaven.” That was very sweet.

We also hit the museums–Old Fort Hays, which Adam loved, and the Sternberg Museum of Natural History. That is a really neat place and I forget sometimes that Hays has some neat stuff. Erin was a little scared of the sounds but Nicholas just loved it. He even held a snake–he thought he was pretty darn cool! We went for chinese food one afternoon and the kids were determined to try to learn chopsticks–but Nicholas was a hoot and tried to eat pudding with them :-)

Finally, we had cake & ice cream for my dad since his birthday is next week. He is the absolute hardest person to buy for, but Karen had a fantastic idea, so we bought him a peach tree for the yard. I think he was genuinely surprised and loved it. Hopefully it will produce lots of sweet peaches for him!

Now I’m back home, doing laundry, trying to get things organized for the kids’ trip to Chicago on Tuesday morning. I have so many projects planned for when the kids are gone, but I’m so tired I’m afraid I’m just gonna collapse once they’re on the train :(