Had a lovely week–for the most part–in Hays. Visits to our usual favorite food places (Taco Shoppe, Daylight Donuts) and revisited a couple that I hadn’t been to for years (Al’s Chickenette & Professor’s). Many evenings spent playing catch. Painted fun pottery pieces at Pottery Works that we will pick up next time we are in town. Reading and quiet time at the Public Library. Visits with family. Wine. Bookstore jaunt with Adam. Seeing familiar faces at Confirmation. Lots of sun, lots of rain. Junk store shopping and Main Street strolling.

My big boy–Adam–turned 13 while we were there and we celebrated with a steak dinner and DQ ice cream cake. What a sweet guy he is. I couldn’t be a prouder mommy.

But now we’re home, doing laundry and opening mail (aka bills) and getting ready to go back to work tomorrow morning. No matter how long vacation lasts it doesn’t seem long enough. I wish I had more time to cuddle with the kids, have late-night ice cream and movies.

I have one of those feelings–you know, the nagging, won’t-let-you-forget-it’s-there feelings–that something is going to happen. I don’t know if it’s work, or if it’s something else, but there is something that is making me uneasy. I feel like I need to be prepared to hit the ground running so I don’t get turned upside down. Maybe it’s me being paranoid?? Maybe it’s me worrying about the economy and other circumstances too much. Maybe I’m just thinking too much.