Yeah, I never have those nights either–the ones where dinner is not planned but everyone is hungry and just can’t wait to eat. So tonight, I figured ‘what the heck…..if they’re so hungry, they’ll eat whatever I come up with.’ And to the cupboards we went (not much grocery shopping around here lately).

Can I just tell you, this is one of the BEST dinners ever. The kids even agree and that’s rare to get them to ALL agree. So here’s my first attempt to post a recipe on my blog. It’s sad…..I don’t measure, I just throw together. You’ve been warned.


Chicken breasts
Melted butter
LOTS of garlic powder
Bread Crumbs
Parmesan/Asiago cheese blend

Melt about 1/2 stick or so of butter in microwave……add in LOTS of garlic powder and stir to combine. On waxed paper sheet, combine some bread crumbs and a healthy amount of parmesan/asiago cheese blend. Season w/salt & pepper.

Warm about 2 tbsp. olive oil in skillet. Dip chicken breasts in garlic butter, then coat with breadcrumb/cheese mix. Brown on both sides, then transfer to a cookie sheet and put in a 350 degree oven until cooked through.

That’s it!! And it was moist and garlicky and DELICIOUS!!

Served with Microwave Risotto , which was also doctored up a bit (I’m a red wine girl so I didn’t have white in the house….just added extra broth, a pinch of saffron threads and a nice squirt of tomato paste instead). A little extra salt/pepper and it was good to go and yummy.

Steamed broccoli finished the dinner…..not bad for a Saturday night!