June is a big month here for birthdays–tomorrow Adam will turn 12. TWELVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know he grimmaces when I say this, but it’s so true–I feel like I just brought him home yesterday! I can remember everything about the morning he was born (and the night before when I went into labor). I don’t know if it’s because he was my first baby or what, but it seriously feels like it just happened.

Yet, we all know, it didn’t just happen. It’s been 12 years and he’s growing into a big boy, getting ready for jr. high next year and I’m sure, before I know it, he’ll stop calling me mommy and start muttering names under his breath. But, for now at least, I’m still blessed with a sweet, gentle boy who tries so very hard to take care of everyone around him. It may be his birthday but I am, by far, the one most lucky and blessed.