This should be a piece of cake, the putting words to a page every day for an entire month thing.

I already do it every day, all day, anyway. They are words I don’t get to keep or even claim as my own, but my butt is in the chair, churning out one after another, because that’s what I do. I write, I edit, I upload, I invoice.

But days like this are when the words turn on me. I’ve typed some so many times today that they’re like pesky little sisters who stick their tongues out at you and taunt you with an off-key chorus of ‘naninanibooboo.’  Words like loyal. Honest. Funny. And the phrases, too: easy going, drama free, loves to travel.

Blah, blah, and more blah.

What do those words really mean, anyway? What’s funny to one person is ridiculous and banal to another. Honesty comes in more than fifty shades of gray, and loyalty needs more of a thesis than a sentence to define. Still, these are the words that so often fill my screen, and even after I’ve cycled through an acceptable round of synonyms they fall flat.

As I weave these words into paragraph after paragraph I often wonder if my own words—here on the blog, in the submissions I’ve recently sent off, in the book I’m trying to write—are as uninspired. Not everything can be brilliant, right? Not every book sticks in your memory long after you’ve finished it, and not every blog post is one that should be shared.

But where’s the line, and what’s the point, then, if the words all sound the same?

I’m participating in NaBloPoMo, and posting every day in November.