Warning….warning…..warning…..this is a self-pity post from a cranky, tired, Scrooge of a woman. If you read further, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Same old thing, over and over again, right? That’s what it feels like anyway. Job, no job, it doesn’t matter. The battles are still the same….seems the difference these days is intensity.

Money…..yes, much more intense when unemployed. But it’s not like I went from “Johnson County” to backwoods….when you’re not that high up the fall isn’t too terribly bad. The unknown is worse.

Motivation……surprisingly less and less intense when unemployed. Yes, I know I need to find an income. Yes, I’m working on it, in more ways than one. However, the self-esteem and motivation wane in inverse proportion to the number of resumes/applications/contacts made that result in nothing. I’m all for positive attitudes but when does that cross over into delusion? I’m being serious here.

Balance…..in theory there’s so much more time now to get it all done. So why am I not getting it all done? The to-do list has grown to bulging and even though I cross things off, it seems to self-populate when I least expect it.