I’m such a slacker. Kelly issued this challenge for the week of March 3……but better late than never, right?

Congratulations! You’ve won 50,000!
Oh, but there’s a catch. You must spend every penny of it within 2 days.
What do you buy?

Um, well, not a problem. I could pay off debt and probably take the kids for ice cream but that’s not very fun, now is it?

Or put a down payment on a house so we get out of this pit we are in. Said house would have a big ol’ scraproom for me, a bedroom for each of the kids, a sunroom to grow orchids, a jacuzzi, and a gourmet kitchen.

Or take a family trip to any number of places….London, France, Germany……heck, even just around the United States.

I’d donate at least $10,000.00 to charity. Probably split between the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (for my cousin) and The Komen Foundation (for Karen).

New clothes and shoes for all of us.

Real furniture instead of hand-me-downs.

Or I’d pay tuition to get my Masters and pre-pay for college for the kids. Or maybe for one kid, since tuition is so darned expensive.

Hmmm….well over my winnings. But it’s fun to dream!