My best friend in sarcasm has a new blog and a challenge :)

“What are you looking forward to in February?”

Hmmmm……the whole Valentine’s Day thing is looming. Not that Valentine’s Day of years past have been rock-my-world memorable, but this one I think will be tough being newly ‘not-quite-but-for-all-intents-and-purposes-single’ and all.

It won’t quite be February yet, but next Wednesday I’m driving to Emporia for dinner with two high school friends….the kind of friends that even if we haven’t seen each other for months (or longer) we just pick up where we left off and catch up in an instant. These are the girls who hung by me with my 80’s winged out hair and our ‘drunk on wine coolers’ basement parties, and two of only a handful of people who have ever seen me really drunk. I love them :)

I’ll be travelling to Utah in February, and I love to travel. Have never been to Utah, either, so that’s a bonus. It will be strange being without the kids for an entire week, and I’ve been told that training will leave me exhausted and not wanting to explore the area much, but those people don’t know me very well :) If I’m going, I’m going to enjoy it at least a little bit.

And more movies. I’ve forgotten how much I’ve missed things that I really used to enjoy, and movies are one of those things. So I’m going to treat myself to more movies.

Sounds pretty good.