Challenge from Kelly: Remember those “choose your own adventure” books from when we were kids? One decision takes you one direction…another decision and you end up somewhere completely different…That’s the basis of this challenge:You didn’t meet your husband. You didn’t have kids. What would you be doing? What kind of life would you be living? Mention some of the PROS….and the easy to list cons.

So if you go check out Kelly’s blog, you can pretty much take her answer and plug a few names/details and get my answer. I wonder if I’d taken an internship in a law firm during college instead of working a bazillion hours a week in the Mall trying to get through college if I ever would have met Phil. I “dated” one guy before Phil and I say that loosely because it really wasn’t dating. But I think I was a completely different person before men–I saved money, I had focus, I was more confident, I had more of a sense of self. I’d wanted to pursue a career in law….I really wanted to be an attorney that helped women and families, and ultimately be a judge. I never, ever wanted to have children, though I did always think I’d adopt a little girl once I was “established” in my carerr. I thought I’d live in some gorgeous highrise on Lake Michigan with a breathtaking view.

This makes me think of senior religion class, when Father Frank had us write a letter to our future selves. The idea was that we would contact him when we were getting married (or some other big life event a few years down the road). Mine started with something like “If you’re married or got pregnant, you may as well shoot yourself now….” *I never have contacted him for that letter, by the way*

Some of the PROS……the breathtaking view, a clean home, money in the bank, half my size (probably….though my affection for all things carbs probably wouldn’t have been any different).

Some of the CONS……no sweet Valentines from my beautiful babies, never knowing the joy and miracle of childbirth, probably no scrapbooking, no scrapbooking buddies, empty home and heart.

Funny how Kelly mentioned the weird path. I know now that I’d never make it as an attorney, and I BET that even had I chosen that path by now I’d have changed it, maybe even ending up somewhere close to where I am now but without the company. (And how appropriate that when I went to Kelly’s blog to see this challenge post the song that came on was Garth Brooks “The Dance”.)