I spend a lot of down time blog-surfing. I find comfort that other moms want to scream at the end of a long day, that other working women experience some of the same frustrations at work, and I love picking up tips and fabulous ideas from other people more creative than me.

My favorite place to go right now, though, is Dinners for a Year and Beyond. I love the down-to-earth yet unique recipes, the nice pictures and the tips for getting dinner on the table. Last week I made two dishes from this site: Grilled Salisbury Chicken and Balsamic Red Onion & Tomato Chicken. Both were great–but the Balsamic Red Onion & Tomato Chicken…..oh my heavens. To know I can whip up a dinner like that in 30 minutes, that was amazingly good, well, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

Can’t wait to try a few other dishes, but in the meantime I hope you’ll go check out the site. She’s a personal chef, yet so generous with the posting of recipes. And if you have a favorite blog, please leave me a note. I’m always up for new inspiration :)