My sweet little girl had a Bridging Ceremony today. This was a symbolic ceremony showing that she had outgrown Daisies and next year would become a Brownie. Big stuff when you’re 6!

Got me to thinking a bit how much easier life would be if we could ‘mark’ all transitions in some way. How nice if a friend would meet me at one end of a specified place, grab my hand, walk me over the scary part, and hand me a flower at the end.

Why do we stop doing that as we get older? Or does it just become more subtle? I haven’t asked other people my age (it’s a bit embarassing, truth be told) ‘just when did you KNOW that you were an adult’……’when did you really FEEL like a mom’…..
‘did you EVER get past feeling like a gangly teenager and EMBRACE feeling like a woman’?

I guess the bridges are different for each of us, they appear at different times and under different circumstances. For me, at least, even though I have three little humans following me around, calling me Mom, and expecting me to take care of them, I don’t necessarily FEEL a whole lot different than I did at 20 (if you overlook the tiredness, that is). Each passage has been marked with some acknowledgement (a wedding for marriage, baby showers in anticipation of the new additions, signed papers for divorce, stretch marks and wrinkles to prove I’m no longer 20).

So maybe I’ve babbled enough to answer my own question–I know I’m an adult because as much as I might long for it, I no longer NEED a friend to hold my hand over the scary parts. And while flowers and stuff are nice, it’s really the non-stuff that I cherish at the end of the day. Like the grin of a 6 year old who’s about ready to lose a tooth, who could care less that when she sings she’s off-key, and who skips through Target and giggles a little too loudly, just because she can.