There are advantages to being stuck at home (with no car and no $$) on a holiday weekend. Most notably, all the cleaning I got done :) And yes, that makes me happy. SCRUBBED the kids bathroom, changed their shower curtain, gonna make some cute decorations for them.

Cleaned Erin’s room from top to bottom (including under her bed–you wouldn’t believe all the stuff under there). My room, my bathroom closet, the kitchen, even cleaned out the trunk of my car.

Last night I opened a bottle of wine (Penfold’s Shiraz Cabernet–yum) and sat on the couch with a magazine…….kids were asleep, the rain was hitting the back glass door and it was all good.

Today I’m baking up chocolate chip cookies and pancakes with brown sugar bananas for dinner — another yum! And, I got up this morning and went walking. Amazing how much better I feel with just fresh air and my MP3 player.

Here’s hoping that this is just the beginning of a great summer :)