Seems to always be the case, doesn’t it? Even when life seems “normal” it’s busy.

I’ll be travelling for work this week–rockin’ Des Moines, Iowa, here I come. Woo hoo. This means that I’ll end up working all day Wednesday, attending a networking dinner Wednesday night, leaving for Des Moines early Thursday morning, working Thursday and having another networking dinner Thursday night, working Friday then driving home in time for dinner Friday night. Busy week.

Tonight Adam said he needed my help with Health class homework. They are discussing STDs, sex vs. love, abstinence, etc….and he had about 6 pages of questions he was supposed to ask his parents and discuss. So we sat and talked for awhile. They are learning things that I never learned in school about sex….he listed off different types of sex, different STDs (and if they are bacterial or viral), etc and I tried not to look shocked or unsettled. He asked me if it was hard to answer the questions about not having sex before marriage when he was born before Phil & I were married. That’s what I get for having a smart kid.

Made me think, though…….the older I get the more I realize I’m a bad Catholic. Of course I want to teach him to not be promiscuous, to be respectful, to wait until he’s an adult–not just physically but emotionally–before having sex, etc. I don’t, though, want him to think that sex is dirty or “wrong” or bad, even if it happens outside of marriage. How do parents strike that balance? Is the message different now than it is when he’s in college? Do I try to build a foundation and then hope for the best?

I wish this whole parenting thing came with a manual. :)