So that’s not much of a newsflash, is it? The week is busy, I’m tired, blablablablabla.

I’m feeling a bit stressed, but much better than usual. I was told by my boss to “hurry up and promote”…..even though she won’t give me a review until March. Huh? Without getting much feedback, I think I’m doing ok. I’ve been there almost two months and I’ve hired, fired, counseled on everything from showering before work to fine-tuning resumes, filled the unfillable, refilled the unfillable, duked it out with the account manager and came out alive, bonded with the clients (well, some of them anyway), became certified in drug screens, background screens, placing CDL drivers, non-CDL drivers, PIT operators, called a guy on padding his timecards……you get the idea. My boss has been to the branch for a total of less than 2 weeks since I started. I’m not complaining about that–I prefer it that way. Just don’t know what I could be doing faster…..and some feedback would be good!

I’m starting to get nervous about being out of town all next week….I’m gonna miss my kids. I’m also worried that I’ll slip up and say something about how our branch runs that corporate won’t be happy about. I know the account manager did when she was there, so that makes me a bit apprehensive. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to learn more, though, and that’s what I’ll focus on.

In other news……my sweet Adam was distracted and pouty all night. Would not tell me what was wrong. Finally, during couch time, in this tiny little voice he said “Mommy, there is one thing bothering me…..” and immediately burst into tears. His teacher showed him his grades (PT conferences are tomorrow) and he has 2 C’s. This kid ALWAYS has A’s. he was sobbing about these C’s. A few questions later I know why he has C’s…..because he’s going to Quest 3 times a week and missing the assignments in the regular class. If he doens’t see something on his desk when he gets back, he doesn’t ask. So he missed a ton of assignments that were counted as not being done. So we had a little chat about organization, about biting off more than we can chew, and about how it’s ok sometimes to have C’s as long as we learn from them. Broke my heart when he begged me not to tell his dad because he doesn’t want to get yelled at :(

He taught me how to play his favorite game, Blokus. Pretty fun. Best part was seeing him belly laugh and enjoy himself. I so love that kid.