I’m guilty of serious blog neglect…..just so much going on and no time to get it all done. A few quick fill-ins:

*The new job is good! Interesting–an entirely different world than what I was used to, and that’s GREAT! I’m still learning of course–I’ve fired more people in the past two weeks than I ever imagined, been exposed to an entirely new demographic of people, and was trusted with the office after only being there for 2 days. I see lots of potential–and LOTS of work to be done. Very exciting.

*I got a haircut. Exciting because I love it :)

*I got a new car. The good news is that it’s mine and I dont’ have to rely on Phil to get around…..the bad news is that we got it off of Ebay and it’s not in as good of shape as we were led to believe. I’m taking it in on Saturday and I know it needs tires, an alignment and an oil change. Pray I don’t have any surprises that add to that bill!

*My dad was here over the weekend. I am so lucky to have him for a dad. We can just sit and talk and talk and talk. We talk about things that dads & daughters don’t normally talk about, and while some people think that’s weird I think it’s pretty great. AND he keeps reminding me that I’m strong and I will be better than ever on my own. He’s my biggest cheerleader and I am so very blessed.

*Kids are good. Erin got a new pretty dress from Aunt Jill for Christmas and modeled for me on Christmas day:

Seriously–how did I get so lucky??