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Reverb 15 Day 1: Lists

#reverb15, day 1: In her seventh ever blog post, all the way back in March 2003(!), the inimitable Andrea Scher wrote: “Maybe lists are like prayers.” What sorts of lists do you have on the go at the moment? What do they suggest you are praying for? Lists. Fucking lists. Forgotten on tables and stuffed […]

#Reverb14: Best Intentions

December 11, 2014 prompt: What tiny rituals: signal that your day is starting; help you ease into a creative project; give you closure from an intensive task; or mark other significant milestones in your day? What new rituals would you like to create in the new year? If rituals were wishes and mornings were fun, […]

#Reverb14: Chapters

December 5, 2014 prompt: what is the sound of your own voice? I hear it all day, every minute. Rapid fire, comma infested run-on sentences peppered with notes to myself, as if I’ll remember them once I’m in a place to write them down. My voice is almost always talking at me; storylines and dialogue […]

#Reverb14: Stories

Today’s prompt: We are all lightning rods, conduits for that which the Universe wants born into this world. What energies did you channel this year? Prompt courtesy of Noël Rozny. Stories. For me, it always comes back to the stories. Listen To Your Mother was about the stories. The profiles I write for people hinge on […]

#Reverb14: Loving What Is

Today’s prompt: It’s all too easy to put off loving where we are until everything is perfect. What can you love about where you are now? Prompt courtesy of Kat McNally. Fuzzy slippers, homemade jam, freshly brewed coffee. Soft blankets, stacks of books. Hugs that last too long, fights that make no sense, giggles. Random calls for […]

#Reverb14: Release

Today’s prompt is this: What unfinished projects from 2014 am you willing to release now? (Regret not required.) Prompt courtesy of Max Daniels. I’ve been thinking about this prompt since I read it yesterday. I wrote something not long ago that feels like what I should share here, and I’ve turned over ideas in my head as […]

#Reverb14: Certainty

Others look forward to December for the obvious reasons: Christmas, snow, winter break. I look forward to December because gorgeous souls like Kat McNally offer what’s been come to know as #Reverb. It’s a series of daily prompts that encourage me to reflect on the past year and what matters to me. It’s a deep […]

A Few of My Favorite Things

All hail the saving power of Mama Kat and her writing prompts, patron saint of wayward NaBloPoMo participants everywhere. Ahem. But really, truly I’m thankful because here it is, 10:20 p.m. and I’ve been writing since 8:30 this morning but for work. And I’m now tired of and bored with words, and I’d like to […]

Tripping Down Memory Lane

It’s been quite some time since I’ve linked up with a writing prompt from Mama’s Losin’ It. But boy, am I thankful for her list today. Otherwise, I’d break my NaBloPoMo streak and not blog, because, well, I couldn’t think of anything to write. But then I looked at her list. And I felt old, […]

How I Write

Sean seriously made my week when she asked me to participate in the ‘How I Write’ blog hop. I’d seen a few posts here and there, and I’ve enjoyed reading them all (I think that I most resonated with Kristin’s post). There’s something reassuring in knowing that I’m just like other writers but at the […]

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