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Guest Posting at Things I Can’t Say

I’m excited to be guest posting today at Shell’s place. I’m talking about a new role I’ve recently assumed: Girl Scout troop leader. Like so many other things in my life these days, it starts as a mother/daughter thing (sigh. I wonder if we ever get over that whole ‘I am my mother’s daughter’ thing) […]

Great Expectations

Ugh. Expectations. The shoulds of life. You know what I'm talking about; I should be nicer, I should be richer, I should have a bigger house, this should be easy, this should make me happy, blah, blah, blah. This is the stuff that Catholics are made of, right? Throw in first born and damn; expectation […]


I dig smart people. Throw in a good amount of passion and the desire to coax out the good in others and, well, I get just a little bit of a crush. And I've been crushin' on Erin for awhile now. We didn't actually 'meet' at Bloggy Boot Camp in St. Louis, but we connected […]

Guest Post at Living On Love

I am guest posting today over at Lacy's place. I love the name of her blog: Living on Love. Her site is a mix of cool Etsy goodies, thoughts on mommy hood and a chronicle of her very own love story. I hope you'll head that way and show her some love, then come back […]

I am a freelance writer, ghost author, editor and content strategist. I am a mother to three extraordinarily ordinary kids, the daughter of a genuinely good man, and an aspiring yogi, creative non-fiction and memoir addict, wanna-be world traveler, and work in progress. This is my personal blog.
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