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It’s not the miles I mind. I70 and I have become old friends; the kind of friends that don’t care if one is tired and cranky as long as the other can be open and raw in some parts but totally shut down in others. I can’t even count the miles anymore. There have been […]

August 2013 One Little Word Blog Hop

15 days. That’s what I’m telling myself today; 15 days to normal. And by normal I mean a routine. I mean full days to myself to work instead of juggling more balls than I can count. I mean a schedule that I can pretend to be in control of. I mean back to school. This […]


Linking up with Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop this week, and inspired by prompt 2: “Currently”. A simple list of things you’re currently feeling as seen at Sometimes Sweet. Currently… Reading. I wish I had a terrific list here, but I have more of a wish list. I just started Heft and The Book of Maybe. […]

The Quiet Nights

I crave these nights. The quiet nights. I plan. I plot. I imagine. I trick myself into thinking the hours will stretch as long as I want them to. Jacked up thinking, in reality. Because the quiet becomes too quiet. It turns on me. Makes me question those cravings. My thoughts. My life. The quiet […]

July 2013 One Little Word Blog Hop

July. Sigh. Where has this year gone?! As is fitting for a mid-year review, Ali asked us to do an evaluation of sorts on our word during June. Since my computer crashed and my printer still isn’t hooked up to my laptop, I’m improvising. In one word, my experience so far has been: joyous. I’ve […]

Expectations of the Tween Kind

“It’s not as (fill in the blank here) as I thought it would be.” I can’t tell you how often my son says this, or how much it’s started to bother me. At first it seemed benign enough, almost like the automatic ‘sorry’ after I’ve chastised him for whatever reason. But now it seems as […]

ABC Old School Blogging

I don’t know about you, but I could use a little easy these days. So here we go, an easy old school blog list from Elaine via Shell. Wanna play? Copy the list, plug in your answers and share on your blog. I feel far too old to play the tag game, so I’m not; […]

The Moment I Knew: the Making of a Reluctant Mom

You’d think that after 17 years I’d forget the details. After all, I fill my grocery cart with food already in my kitchen and forget which days the kids are supposed to go somewhere other than home. As I get older details seem to fade, but this memory seems like yesterday. In reality, my oldest […]

June 2013 One Little Word Blog Hop

It’s that time…blog hop time. My word this year is embrace. And, since I’m being honest and I’m too damn tired to try to get any kind of project done that fits the prompt, I’m going to embrace reality and admit that I only logged on to look at Ali’s prompt about a week ago. […]

May 2013 One Little Word Blog Hop

Well hello, May. I'm happy to see you. April whizzed by so quickly it's little more than a blur, and was filled with the usual routine of work and kids but it was also a month of looking at my word–embrace–with new eyes. As I stop and think about it, I'm happy at how I […]

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