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Bitch and Whine and Bicker and Moan

I sat on the stairs where they couldn’t see me. It’s their dad’s birthday, and they insisted on baking him a cake. I told them to work on it together, letting them think I’d be upstairs working. Instead I snuck down and listened. I didn’t need to leave my little corner from where I work […]

The Ticks and Tocks Are Back

For a brief time this afternoon I didn’t look at my phone. Not for email, not for text messages, not for status updates. Instead I stood in the school cafeteria and scooped sticky spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream and handed paper bowls to a seemingly endless line of fifth graders. It’s probably the closest I’ve […]

My Chair

I made him move from my chair. They think it’s funny, to stake their claim as I’m making my plate. I’m always the last to sit down to eat, after making sure everyone else has what they need before getting my own food and then joining them. On casual nights, like tonight, we sit in […]

Tick Tock

I used to wonder about that phenomenon other people called their biological clock. I can’t say that I ever heard the ticks or the tocks about having a baby; I was one who never thought I’d have kids until one fateful night in an Emergency Room in downtown Chicago, and I was certainly in no […]

Blurred Lines of the Mama Kind

The lines are getting fuzzy. They’ve never been truly clear, these writer lines of mine. Oh, I still believe that stories are better when shared, but the ownership of those stories is what has me all wound up in knots. I’m struggling with the reality that to blog about being a mom is, by default, […]

Love, Sandwich Style

I just sat in on Heather King and Vikki Reich‘s TypeA Conference hands-on session about free writing. Love. It was what I imagine therapy should be; all about raw emotion, Anne Lamott and how to write from the heart.  Before they encouraged us to write, they said something that really resonated with me: start with […]

The Big Picnic

The statistics are sobering: 1 out of 400 children under 18 in the U.S. has diabetes, and nearly 1 in 3 is obese. Anyone who knows me at all knows that this issue hits home; as a mom who’s struggled with body issues and the effects of emotional eating, I’ve tried to raise my kids […]

Listen to Your Mother Monday: Leslie Kohlmeyer

The cool thing about being a part of Listen to Your Mother was the instant addition of 13 new sisters. That’s truly how I began to see these women that I was lucky enough to share that stage with; each unique in her own way, each with a special talent or a distinctive way of […]

Training Mom

We just got back from just shy of a week in my hometown. The kids look forward to what has now become a yearly tradition, spending the Fourth of July holiday with my dad and stepmom. They love the fireworks show, the fact that Grandma makes them yummy dinners and the cats that roam through […]

Expectations of the Tween Kind

“It’s not as (fill in the blank here) as I thought it would be.” I can’t tell you how often my son says this, or how much it’s started to bother me. At first it seemed benign enough, almost like the automatic ‘sorry’ after I’ve chastised him for whatever reason. But now it seems as […]

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