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A Job Interview, Hormones and Being Only Human

It's been another heavy few days here. But this week it isn't destruction on a national scale that's keeping our attention; it's matters of the heart, the voices in our heads and the idea of being 'just right' for everyone else. I told you. Heavy. My girl came to me in tears on Sunday morning, […]

When Your Mom’s an Entrepreneur, or Why We’re Not Meeting Curtis Stone

When your mom’s an entrepreneur Your chance of doing the cool stuff sucks. Because if your mom’s an entrepreneur She looks at fun stuff as a business project. When she looks at stuff as a business project She gets all riled up and talks about how things should be Instead of how they are. When […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Double Digits, Yo

"I'm so double digits, yo." Not the words I expected to hear as we pulled overgrown henbit from our paltry excuse for a flower bed. "You're not yet, technically." I said. "Oh, but I am. In my heart. Because it's only a few months. You just probably forgot because you've been double digits for a […]

What I Want My Kids to Know About Normal, Love and Choice

One of the reasons I blog is to document who I am, what I believe and why I make the choices I make. I'd like for my series of posts to serve as a way for my children to see me–me at my best, me when I struggle, me when I fail–when they're old enough […]

Stuck in My Two Step

Baby steps. It seems like yesterday my babies were taking theirs. There’s that luscious series of firsts that, honestly, before I became a mama I rolled my eyes at. That’s because before I became a mama, I didn’t get just how precious first steps are. That first smile, first giggle, first roll over, first crawl, […]

A Letter to My Disgruntled Daughter

Oh, my girl. Your face kills me today. Those usually upturned lips pressed into a tiny thin line, telling me at once that you are sad and angry.  Those eyes…God help me, those eyes…gorgeous and piercing and accusing. You love me, I know, but today–right now–you hate me.  Because you want to go outside and […]

A Girl, Her Bike and Those Cherry Red Cheeks

It's her cheeks I first see. Cherry red in perfect circles, like beacons that beg for attention. She goes back and forth Up and down Foot on foot off. Determined. Happy. Oblivious. She's been avoiding this bike for years. Scared. Unsure. Bruised. It's bested her one too many times, so she was happier with it […]

Cupcake Frosting, Tighty Whities and the Lessons In Between

I’ve spent the weekend cleaning closets. Purging. Organizing. In the literal sense of course, but probably in the figurative sense as well. My ex husband used to joke that he knew when something was bothering me, because he’d come home to rooms rearranged or the overpowering smell of bleach and Lysol. But this weekend’s work […]

On Innocence and Anything But

  I can't. I've spent the better part of the day consumed by the television reports of the senseless violence that happened in one of the last places in our world we had considered–up until this morning–sacred and safe. I've spent the better part of the day alternating between tears and nausea, thinking of the […]

This Is Mommy

  I often tell clients that their prospect's perception of them is their reality. Meaning that, at least in the business world, how people see you matters more than how you think they see you.  Same thing is true in the mommyhood. I used to cringe when the kids said they drew a picture of […]

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