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Cupcakes, Sprinkles and One Cool Girl

This week it wasn't Cupcake Sunday; instead, it was Cupcake Wednesday. She chose the recipe, studied it, assembled her ingredients and got to work. She chose the mini size instead of the regular because the liners we had in the cabinet were 'so much cuter, Mom.' She measured, whisked and mastered that mixer like a […]

Sometimes My Catholic Roots Don’t Show

Well isn’t this a kick in the pants. I decided that I’d try Mama Kat’s writing prompt this week, and loved the Instagram option: “Open Instagram (if you have an account) and scroll down to the 4th photo shared by a friend. Share the photo, link to the person who posted it, and let it […]

Missing my first ‘first’

So I was moping last night. Not because anything was wrong, but because Adam was asked to a dance—his first—and attended Homecoming with a girl named Trisha. He said it was no big deal, that they were going as a group and that it wasn’t really a date. Whether or not I buy that is […]

Patience is a Virtue. Waiting…Not So Much

Here I sit, exactly 10am on a Wednesday morning, in a Student Union on a college campus in the middle of Kansas. I’ve been here before, long ago, when the décor smacked of the 70s and the people walking through seemed old and foreign to me. I remember coming here for various school events, for […]

Being Ready…or Not

The time is here. Tomorrow I’ll load my oldest in my car and drive him away. I’m leaving him in good hands, with good people, to embark on an amazing opportunity. He’s ready. I don’t think I am. I can’t help but think back to when I started college. I was two years older, sure, […]

Girl Talk, Boy Bands and Gelato Lust

I’ve often wondered where I got my wanderlust. I don’t know my mother well enough to know if it came from her, but I’m pretty certain it didn’t come from dad. I look at my sisters and marvel at how we’re all so different, even though we were raised by the same people (for the […]

Cussing the Numbers

June 4. A big day in my life, because it was the day I became mommy for the first time.  That was 16 years ago….16 years. That seems like forever ago but it's gone by so quickly, I sometimes need to take a quick peek at the birth certificate and then compare it to the […]

Why I Want My Kids to Be Like Forrest Gump

The strangest things run through my mind when I'm exercising. Maybe it's simply my way of distracting myself from my own discomfort, or maybe it's those natural endorphins that are starting to flow; whatever it is, my thoughts tend to move from what's most pressing to something more creative.  Yesterday, they went to a favorite […]

She’s Bringing Sassy Back

  About a week ago I wrote a post about the media's speculation about Ashley Judd's changed appearance and her diligence in taking them to task for their attitude.  I sat on it for several reasons, the strongest of which was that I was unsure of myself. Not unsure of my thoughts, but unsure about […]

What They Teach Me

I've wanted to do a Mama Kat prompt for a really long time. I'd always put it off, though, thinking that I'd carve time out at the end of a work day filled with 'productive' writing. Yes, I hear Dr. Phil's voice in my head asking 'how's that workin' for ya?' because it's painfully obvious […]

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