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Dancing Through Disappointment

Tonight should be a special night for my girl. It’s the Daddy Daughter dance for her Girl Scout troop; a 50’s theme, special time with the most important man in her life, girlfriends to be silly with and enough sugar to keep her flying high until Tuesday night. Should be. I do my damndest to […]

Stuck in the Mundane

I've been stuck lately. Consumed with the thought that nothing I have to share is original, much less inspirational. I type and then backspace, reminding myself with each stroke that what I just thought has not only already been expressed, but expressed more eloquently, or with a sharper wit or a funnier joke. So I've […]

Another one of ‘those talks’

No,not the sex talk. Been there, done that. Even so, this one is uncomfortable, too, because it is about something that's just as private and intimate: money. Adam's simple request last night spurred a two hour discussion not only about the cost of the upcoming milestones and adventures in his life, but also about identity […]

#Reverb11, Day 2: My Wish for You

Day 2–My Children Will Do it Differently-If you could choose one thing that your children will do or experience in a different way than you have, what would it be and why? Wow, this is a minefield of a prompt. One the one hand, I'm grateful for every little bit of my childhood; each experience–good, […]

Wait….where did I put those 15 years again?

Time is a funny thing. Ask me on any given Monday, when my afternoon is dragging, and I'll complain that it moves too slowly. Come Friday, though, it seems I can't remember where the week went, it whizzed by so quickly. Imagine my whiplash this past weekend, as I took my baby to visit his […]

Yes, I Lie to My Daughter

My son caught me not too long ago, sneaking around the front porch in my bathrobe, sprinkling 'fairy dust' and emptying milk and honey from the tiny little thimbles she'd so carefully placed inside the fairy house. He stood inside the screen door, with his arms folded across his chest like a dad who'd just […]

Turning a page….

It's been a big weekend here in my little house. I had the "B" conversation with my kids. I wanted it to just be the "D" conversation, but that's too easily confused with the 'Big D'; unfortunately, they've already been there and done that. This is different. Way different. It's the boyfriend conversation. My kids […]

My daughter, the teacher

Cupcake Sundays continue, even though I don't post about them every single week. They have morphed just a bit….most recently into Pumpkin Whoopie Pies but usually just as triple chocolate cupcakes. That one has won quite a bit lately, not because we're all so enamored with the flavor but because Erin has mastered the recipe […]

It’s not the ‘things’ in life….

Day 9 of the All About Me Challenge. Prompt: Something that makes my life easier.  It would be natural to say something like my iPhone, my car, my computer or even my TV. And don't get me wrong, I appreciate each and every one of those things. But I'm reminded quite often these days, as […]

She Will Be….

I'm tickled to be over at Brassy Apple's I Am More Than Just blog today. This month she is featuring mothers, in all of our various and glorious shapes, sizes and forms, and I've loved visiting her each day to see gorgeous pics of real-life moms and their little ones. Today it's me and my […]

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