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Cupcake Frosting, Tighty Whities and the Lessons In Between

I’ve spent the weekend cleaning closets. Purging. Organizing. In the literal sense of course, but probably in the figurative sense as well. My ex husband used to joke that he knew when something was bothering me, because he’d come home to rooms rearranged or the overpowering smell of bleach and Lysol. But this weekend’s work […]

Cupcakes, Sprinkles and One Cool Girl

This week it wasn't Cupcake Sunday; instead, it was Cupcake Wednesday. She chose the recipe, studied it, assembled her ingredients and got to work. She chose the mini size instead of the regular because the liners we had in the cabinet were 'so much cuter, Mom.' She measured, whisked and mastered that mixer like a […]

The Power of Ordinary

I think it's about time for something a bit lighter, don't you? We've had an awful lot of life around here lately, and I think we're all a bit weary from it; at least, that's what I'm chalking today up to. We (the kiddos and I) have been testy, grumpy, annoyed and downright surly for […]

My daughter, the teacher

Cupcake Sundays continue, even though I don't post about them every single week. They have morphed just a bit….most recently into Pumpkin Whoopie Pies but usually just as triple chocolate cupcakes. That one has won quite a bit lately, not because we're all so enamored with the flavor but because Erin has mastered the recipe […]

Trading In My Cape (for an apron)

Day 27 of the All About Me Challenge: Worst Habits. Oh, Lord, this could be a long post. I've been thinking about this most of the day, and it could be quite easy to list quite a few things; too much sugar, too little water, trading sleep for piddling on the computer, not exercising enough, […]

It just wasn’t Sunday without the cupcakes

  Life happens. You know how it is; you try to establish routines, traditions and sacred time together and, inevitably, obligations and other stuff takes over. Such has been the case with Cupcake Sundays. Birthday parties, holidays and trips to see grandparents all trumped our favorite weekend activity for the past few weeks. But not […]

Cupcakes….It’s What’s for Breakfast

Welcome to Sunday…..Cupcake Sunday. I have to confess that I'm feeling a bit badly blogging about something silly like cupcakes when neighbors just a short drive from me are dealing with the devastation of deadly tornados and weather. I can't imagine the fear and sorrow happening in Joplin, MO and Reading, KS after these storms […]

It’s Sunday….so it’s cupcakes

After a two week hiatus (due to Easter travel and Erin's First Communion), we're back to Cupcake Sundays. Today's choice: cinnamon roll cupcakes. My girl is always thinking, as she told me while these baked that since they're 'technically cinnamon rolls', they should be great for breakfast in the morning. AND, she said, scrambled eggs […]

Cupcake Sundays

My girl and I have a new tradition: Cupcake Sundays. It all started when the show Cupcake Wars caught her attention. She was instantly hooked: sugar, more sugar and drama; what more could a 7 year old girl ask for? She started writing her own cupcake recipes that of course were not edible (she doesn't know […]

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