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Why I Want to Go to BlogHer13

Why do I want to go to BlogHer13? Oh, so many reasons. 1. Connections matter. There will be so many amazing people at BlogHer; some I’ve met, some I just admire from afar. There is something so magical that happens when I’m sharing space with people who understand why I blog, and BlogHer is the […]

My Thoughts on Blissdom 2013: It’s All About Influence

I'm late to the Blissdom review game. I've been back home for two weeks and I'm still thinking about and trying to process my trip. As I think about my trip I could talk about the seminars, the people I met, the fun I had or the places I saw. And all of that is […]

$500 Worth of Bliss

Oh, the things I could do….with $500. Mama Kat's prompt this week is such an easy one for me. Imagining her Barbie-singing self handing me five crisp, cool $100 bills was a lovely little daydream. Naturally the list of what I could/would/want to do with it is long. Verrrrrrry long. But my #1 choice, right […]

I’m So Over You: A Breakup Letter

Dear Boule, You don't mind that I call you that, do you? It just dawned on me that all this time I've been too busy pretending that no one else could see you to actually give you a name. You've been so much of an overachiever that I really can't honestly refer to you as […]

March 2013 One Little Word Bloghop

One Little Word bloghop time. Feet to the fire time.  This month was all about vision. I liked this prompt because I've always thought about doing a vision board but never have. The idea of taking some time to think about images and words that resonate with me is right up my alley, but the […]

Winter 2012 Bucket List

Winter…yes, it's November but I'm still in denial (aren't I every year? how very original). It's not uncommon for me to start any season with big plans and lofty goals. So many fun things to do, but as slow as the minutes seem to move sometimes the days seem to fly by. Which is why […]

The Summer of Lists: An Update

No wonder I haven’t had time to blog! It’s been a busy summer. Some of you might remember that, in an effort to be mindful about doing things I want to do instead of just talking about things I want to do, I started a summer bucket list at the end of the school year. […]

The Ultimate Summer To-Do List

I've long wanted to create a 'bucket list' of sorts, but I have to admit that doing so seems eerily final; there's that superstitious streak in me that wonders if, as I draw a line through that last entry, I'll feel exhilarated at the accomplishments or sad at the finality of no longer having a […]

How Cee Lo Green and Amy Winehouse Killed My Wog

  I do believe I need an intervention. I've started (yes, again….don't judge) the Couch25K program. I'm hoping that by the time The Color Run lands in Kansas City, I'll be more of a jogger than a wogger (you know…that oh-so-hot combination of waddling and jogging).  I keep trying to push aside those thoughts from […]

How to Vote on Circle of Moms Top 25 Contest

I'll admit it….it's really pretty cool that someone nominated my blog again this year for the Top 25 Single Mom Blogs at Circle of Moms. I feel like I neglect this place far too much, especially when there are really cool things going on that deserve to be blogged about. BUT, I feel like maybe […]

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