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The thing about women

The older I get, the more I crave the friendship of other women. Yes, I think being friends with men is easier…..but easier isn’t always better. There’s just something about chatting and laughing and being with my girlfriends that lightens my spirit, lifts my soul and makes my sides hurt from laughing until I cry. […]

All funked up.

That’s been me lately–funky and grumpy and generally unpleasant. This morning I open up my horoscope and read this: Dreaming about making a change in your life is nice, but unless you actually do it, you are just wasting time and fooling yourself. Imagining how things could be different is a fun way to stay […]

One strange thing

about driving back & forth to Hays is that I always hear songs multiple times that I hardly ever hear otherwise. Examples from this trip: Sweet EmotionTwo Out of Three Ain’t BadBrick House (four times….seriously)Lips of an AngelFunkytown Go figure

I never quite know what my kids are going to say…… Nicholas, as he’s introduced to my boss: “Hello, Mrs. Wacker.”Me: “That’s MR. Wacker, Nicholas” (as everyone laughs)Nicholas: “Yeah, well, Mrs. Wacker….Mr. Wacker. They pretty much rhyme.” Later that night….. My boss: “So, when do you get out of school for Christmas?”Nicholas: “Next Friday and […]


Friday marked Erin’s first dance….her Girl Scout troop had a Father Daughter dance. They were supposed to dress up like their favorite holiday, so they dressed for Dr. Seuss Day… Thing 1 & Thing 2. They didn’t win any awards, but Erin had a great time and that’s all that matters. Saturday I spent a […]

The irony

Erin is with Phil tonight at her Girl Scout ‘Father Daughter Dance’, so I took the boys for haircuts and out for dinner. Adam chose Chinese, and after we finished we opened up our fortune cookies, which is always one of their favorite parts of going out for Chinese food. My fortune read “Contentment is […]

Rethinking Charity

One of my goals this holiday season was to show my kids that Christmas is not just about gifts… show them through charity and volunteering that their life really isn’t as bad as they sometimes think despite the fact that they dont’ have all the newest and greatest things out on the market. So last […]

December Daily Journal

It has been forever–really, forever–since I’ve made anything. My stuff is in disarray, my creative juices are dried up and I just didn’t feel like doing anything. Then came across Ali’s project of her December Daily Journal and thought it was a fabulous idea. My problem is that I collect all this stuff–random journaling notes, […]

Sunday pictures

OK, so these are from Thanksgiving, but I’m posting on Sunday so it counts, right? 😉 Nicholas’s Thanksgiving observation: “Mom, these look like butts!! Look–there’s two bun parts and a crack down the middle!” (Spoken–with great enthusiasm–like a true 8 year old boy). Adam helping me cook and being VERY supervised while he helped cut […]

Happy Thanksgiving

I love this holiday. I wish that all the Christmas hoopla didn’t start so early and eclipse Thanksgiving day…..I think that a day to just sit back and think about all of the blessings we enjoy–without the pressure of gifts and parties and everything else–should be respected, cherished, and protected. On this Thanksgiving Day I […]

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