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Smartest words EVAH.

“It’s ok for the cup to be half empty sometimes…because sometimes is just IS. “ Yup, that about sums it up. We’re back to the crappy stuff–I’ve fired more people than I’ve hired. I was told I need to be more “understanding” that one of the people who works for us “needs to be needed” […]

From the mouths of babes

Conversation with Erin tonight during cuddle time: E: Mommy, when grownups get to a really big number they die, right?M: Yes, honey, when people get to a really big number they dieE: Sometimes you don’t have to be a big number, though, that’s what I’m waiting forM: What do you mean?E: Because at school sometimes […]

Sunday Nights…..

Anyone else not a fan? I tend to stretch them out, stay up too late, and try to make my weekend last. I dread going to work (even when I LOOOOOOVE work, Mondays are tough) and I sulk a bit too. So, I’m sulking and postponing getting things picked up so I can go to […]

Scripture challenge

Getting caught up, as I was a week behind. My pages for last week (BEAUTY) and this week (WAIT) I think this week I’ll try to get a binder altered and ready to start putting these in

Brighter Side

So I was driving today and really thinking about all the bitching and moaning I do. I know my life is far from perfect, but if my new job has taught me nothing else so far it is to remember this: but for the grace of God go I. Really, life could be so much […]

Sick and Tired

Did anyone else hear that phrase ad nasuem growing up? As in “I am sick and tired of……”. I swore I’d never say it. Of course I’v failed miserably with that declaration. So, with full humility, I list what I am sick and tired of today: I am sick….literally sick. As in ‘don’t venture too […]

Office Politics

I so don’t play the office politics game well. Add to that the fact that I’m working in an office of all women and it just gets worse. I really don’t have too much of a problem with anyone individually. The account manager and I have had our issues…..she doesn’t like that I don’t bend […]


Weekly movie outing: I could sum this up with two words. George. Clooney. Sigh. The movie, though, is seriously good. One of those that I want to go back and see again because I know there’s a ton of stuff I missed. Characters were complex and textured, story was riveting, didn’t seem contrived. Just awesome. […]


That I’m making at least some progress…….I bought this: and actually downloaded all of the bank statements since I opened my own account. This is big stuff from a girl who for the past *cough* too many *cough* years just threw receipts into a big box and pretended they weren’t there. Yup, that’s my rockin’ […]

Holy Moly

I am exhausted Busy day to start the week and boy was it a MONDAY. Bleck. Nicholas had a dr. appt. because he’s been complaining of headaches almost every day for months now. I’d thought that it was his eyes, that’s why I got him in for an eye exam and the glasses. But even […]

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