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What I’ve Read: Out of Office

One of my goals this year was to read more, and specifically to alternate fiction with non-fiction. In that spirit, I just finished Simon Salt’s Out of Office: How to Work from Home, Telecommute or Workshift Successfully.  Seems like it would all be ‘been there, done that’ info for me, since I’ve worked from my […]

What I’ve Read: Do Your Laundry or You’ll Die Alone

I hesitate to start a ‘What I’ve Read’ category because I’m worried about setting expectations I can’t keep. If you could see my bookshelf, you’d know that it’s heavy on the ‘to-read’ books and embarrassingly light in the ‘have read’ category. Then again, the optimist in me wonders if starting this category will nudge me […]

Observations From the Road

I’ve never minded taking road trips alone. I like being able to control the music without complaint, the fact that no one makes fun of me when I stop too often to pee and that if I want to, I can ride in complete silence with only the steady blur of the center line to […]

How I Write

Sean seriously made my week when she asked me to participate in the ‘How I Write’ blog hop. I’d seen a few posts here and there, and I’ve enjoyed reading them all (I think that I most resonated with Kristin’s post). There’s something reassuring in knowing that I’m just like other writers but at the […]


I freaked out a few people when I posted to Facebook this morning that our Listen To Your Mother: Kansas City show is less than two weeks away. One week, five days to be exact. When we first started thinking about this show, before Christmas last year, it seemed to me like we had so […]


It’s been awhile. Not since I’ve written; that I do every day, all day. The words pour out of my head and through my fingers, the constant tap of the keyboard and the invoices in the outbox a reminder that, at least by definition, I am still a writer. But those words—I am still a […]

Shifting Catholic During Lent

So today is Ash Wednesday. It’s the beginning of Lent, though my kids just call it an awfully inconvenient time for an extra long Mass. As we drove to church I asked if they’d given any thought to what they might give up for Lent this year. When I got the obligatory ‘soda’ and ‘sweets’ […]

It’s What I See

I saw this quote on my Facebook stream this morning, as I was rushing around trying to leave the house on time for a radio interview for Listen to Your Mother: Kansas City. “Its not what you look at that matters, its what you see.” Henry David Thoreau I started a post yesterday that quickly […]

My #Perspective: Sparkles

I wish the pictures that I take would actually look like I think they’ll look when I snap them. Like this one. I took it last night from Nicholas’ room. Through his window I saw sparkles dancing in the air, flakes floating by the window and a sense of calm and quiet that I often […]

The Missing

“I know I’m older now. But sometimes you just want your grandparents back, you know?” So went the conversation at fifth grade parent teacher conference yesterday. Erin’s teacher, who was also Nicholas’ teacher his fifth grade year, lost a grandparent a few weeks ago. I adore this teacher; she treats each of my kids like […]

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