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Thanksgiving Is

Thanksgiving Day is rainy wet and barely-there cool. It’s goodbye and see you tomorrow and I love you and have fun. It’s closing the door only when I can’t see their shadows anymore. It’s standing in the middle of the room, cold coffee cup in hand, surveying the newly painted but still-the-same beige walls. It’s […]

The Same

Her face flashed in my mind the second the scalding water hit my shoulders. Her face then, thirty-some years ago, since that’s how I still see her even now; young but vaguely angry, with countless creases radiating from her lips thanks to years of long drags on her Marlboro Reds. Her eyes, big and beautiful […]

#Reverb14: Loving What Is

Today’s prompt: It’s all too easy to put off loving where we are until everything is perfect. What can you love about where you are now? Prompt courtesy of Kat McNally. Fuzzy slippers, homemade jam, freshly brewed coffee. Soft blankets, stacks of books. Hugs that last too long, fights that make no sense, giggles. Random calls for […]

Mashed Potato Memories

When I asked for help on what to post yesterday, Alexandra suggested that I share my very first Thanksgiving memory. Hers is making stuffing with her grandmother. The thought stuck with me today. For the longest time, the holiday memories that I care to recall are those after my dad married my step mom. She […]


I am ridiculously lucky. You wouldn’t know it to hear me bitch. I bitch about my kids not picking up after themselves. I bitch about needing new tires, and that I have precious little money to pay for said tires. I bitch that my toes are cold, and I bitch that I’m alone on nights […]


Whiplash. That’s the best word to describe how I feel today. At this time last week, I was sitting in Zilker Park, listening to Belle and Sebastian sing along with the Barton Hills Elementary Choir. Actually, I was half listening to the show, half lying back in my chair, watching the lights dance in the […]

It’s What I See

I saw this quote on my Facebook stream this morning, as I was rushing around trying to leave the house on time for a radio interview for Listen to Your Mother: Kansas City. “Its not what you look at that matters, its what you see.” Henry David Thoreau I started a post yesterday that quickly […]

I Almost Wish…Listen to Your Mother Let Down

So this is what let down feels like. Last Saturday I stood at a podium and shared my shame with 300 strangers and a handful of friends. I read a piece that’s been not quite 43 years in the making; a piece about my experience as my mother’s daughter and how she shaped me as […]

The 180 Factor

This is the piece I read at the Kansas City Listen to Your Mother show in Kansas City. I’ve never published this before, and it’s one that I’ve debated about sharing.  But thanks to the wonders of technology, there will be a YouTube video of me reading the piece so I’m also sharing it here. […]

It’s the Same, Except It’s Not

At first glance it seems the same.  Pretty much. About this time last year I was thinking too much about Mother's Day. Getting wrapped up in school events and dreading the thought of the pull between restless kids and working at home during summer break and  juggling deadlines and profiles and not making time to […]

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