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“> This song struck me today. Watching the video (which I hadn’t seen before) brought me to tears. Listening to the words I found myself remembering little things about the houses we lived in when I was growing up–the ‘secret closet hallway’ that connected two bedrooms on Maple Street, the huge walk-in closets of the […]

Scratch my watch or wind my butt?

Steel Magnolias is one of those movies that when I see it on tv–doesn’t even have to be uncut cable, commercial-ridden Oxygen works for me too–I get sucked in. Doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen it, I have to watch. It’s like crack (for suburban moms, that is). Love the one liners in this […]


My sweet little girl had a Bridging Ceremony today. This was a symbolic ceremony showing that she had outgrown Daisies and next year would become a Brownie. Big stuff when you’re 6! Got me to thinking a bit how much easier life would be if we could ‘mark’ all transitions in some way. How nice […]


How is it that I seem to go from virtually nothing to do to complete and utter overwhelm? Intellectually, I know that if I’d just used that downtime more productively, I would be ready for some of this ensuing crazyiness. Then again, it wasn’t really downtime…it was mom time, mostly. The most rewarding and worthy […]


“If you don’t run your own life, somebody else will.” ~ John Atkinson If you know me, you know that I lean more toward ‘realism’ than ‘positive’. I’m a firm believer that that does not mean that I’m a glass-half-empty pessimist. I simply refuse to pretend that life is 100% wine and roses. So I […]

Just For Fun

It’s been forever since I’ve blog-surfed to my favorite scrappy places….tonight I ventured to a few and Stacy Julian had a ‘purse dump’ challenge. So, in typical Sunday-night-fashion of procrastinating just as long as I possibly can, I thought I’d play along. So…’s what’s in my current purse: Nothing very exciting….a few too many lipsticks/lip […]


I was given this advice today: “Don’t let anyone ruin your day.” OK, so you know that the cynical bitch in me is just *dying* to snap back with some snarky retort. Nice advice in theory, not so easy to implement when it’s one of those days and it seems like every. single. time. I […]

Feeling lucky

I’m a walking old wive’s tale lately….wait, that’s not right. Is there such a thing as an old wive’s quip? No, guess not. Whatever, I’m growing tired of my cliche-ish self repeating these phrases over and over in my mind as well as my behavior. Someone stop the ride, I am so ready to get […]

Stupid Day

Eloquent, eh? I got nothing…..after a day that started with filing a police report (we’re all fine….during my walk this morning I found a little girl running in the middle of the street, barefoot, screaming and crying that her baby sister was crying and her mom left); was punctuated with a fried phone and several […]

Work Work Work

“People know you for what you’ve done, not for what you plan to do.” ~Author Unknown Ouch–that touches a nerve. I often joke that my headstone will read ‘she had the best of intentions’. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because I try to do too much….and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to […]

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