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I was cruising Big Picture Scrapbooking and daydreaming about the classes I’d take if I had the time and resources, and I stumbled upon this, kind of a bio about one of the instructors. Thought it’d be fun to do as a blog post. So I challenge anyone reading this who blogs, but particularly my […]

Craving Fall

The little taste of fall we’re having today is such a treat. Yes, I know it’s raining–I even went out to make cold calls in the rain today. Didn’t bother me a bit. Feeling that bite in the air, loving the smell of the rain and just being able to breathe it all in today. […]

Political Science 101

Watching the RNC tonight: Adam: Mom?Me: Yes?A: You know how the President’s wife is called the First Lady?L: Yes.A: If we have a woman President, what would her husband be called?L: I’m not completely sure, but I think he’d be the First Gentleman.A: Oh. I kinda like “First Dude” better, don’t you?


That’s the word Mrs. Nutt used to describe Erin tonight during Parent’s Night. “She is the most joyful soul I think I’ve ever met.” That makes me happy


Wow…….blog neglect going on here. Let’s see……kids are doing great in school but that first full week of early mornings and full days of activity kinda wore them out. Hopefully we’ll get into a good groove here and they won’t be so wiped at the end of the week from now on. I’ve been at […]

My friends rock

Seriously. Seems like whenever I’m down or worried or whatever, I get a card in the mail or an email from one of my friends and they know exactly what to say to make me smile. What makes it so amazing is that these women are so busy–with work, with kids, with husbands, with everything–that […]

For the love of all that’s holy……

Rough weekend here at our place. Nothing earthshattering, nothing awful…….just rough. I think I just need to chalk it up to our changing routine and try to start this week on a good note. My neighbor told me that she’s never seen Erin & Nicholas acting the way they did this weekend–wound up tighter than […]

And they’re off

Big stuff going on around here. Yesterday the boys had their first 1/2 days of school. Adam was so excited he was up and ready at 6:30 a.m. I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around him being in Jr. High. I keep asking, and I know I’ll never get the answer, but […]

Just in case you were wondering……

Erin’s hair is still very curly. The pictures of her after her cut were taken after Michelle blow dried and flat ironed it. Here’s her “natural” look:

1:00 a.m…….

and here I sit. Can’t fall asleep and yet can’t get motivated to cross anything off my huge to-do list either. And that darn thing just keeps growing…..and growing……and growing. I wish I would have gotten off my round tush the last couple of weeks and accomplished more. I’m looking forward to starting work again […]

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