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Sunday Night

Bleck. There used to be a love-hate relationship between me and Sunday nights….it’s morphed into a hate-hate relationship. I know I’ve said it before, but by the time Sunday night gets here I’m exhausted. Pooped. Wiped out. Completely and utterly drained. Wishing I had another weekend to make up for the weekend…to push away all […]

Adjusting Expectations

Lots of thinking lately about the concept of ‘good enough’….you know, as in am I a ‘good enough’ person, mom, friend, daughter, sister, worker, companion, citizen…..not just ‘good’, but good enough. And I’m thinking that I’ll never, ever really be good enough. Not by my standards anyway–there will always be something to improve, something to […]


I’m not a fan. Not to be all negative and glass half empty or anything, but by the time I get to Monday I am wiped out. It’s

In Love

with this movie, which I finally watched today: I’ve never watched an episode of Julia Child’s cooking show, nor have I ever seen one of her recipes. But now I want to run out and buy every one of her books. What a great story. Too cool that she went from never even boiling an […]

Oh, about 97.8% of the time…..

You know, I usually really love being a mom. Really, truly I do (and that’s saying more than you know, unless you knew me back in the ‘there’s no way in hell I’d ever have kids’ part of my life). Until days like today. Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch, nothing horrible happened. […]


Whoa Nelly–haven’t checked stats for a long time but now that I do, I’m a bit freaked out. What’s with all the visits but no feedback? And do all Blackberry hits originate from Canada, or am I a cult favorite there and no one bothered to inform me yet? So I could be totally unoriginal […]

Gettin’ My Groove On

Well it’s about damn time… my jiggly butt out tonight and walked for the first time in a long time. It felt good! I’m thinking that if I can keep this up (ha….or maybe just make it past day 1), maybe I’ll find those cheekbones that were lost years and years ago…ok, maybe not. BUT […]

Listen to Music Savvy Mom Wannabe

Slacker much (yes, that’s me). A week ago I won a generous $25 gc from Ri over at Music Savvy Mom….and guess what? Yeah, still haven’t used it. Just too much going on to really sit and plan out the purchase (which makes me sound a hell of a lot more Type A and structured […]

We are firmly resolved…..

I used to say those words constantly as a debater in high school and college….I’d deliver the first affirmative speech and always repeated the current year’s resolution as the beginning. I’ve lost it, though; the tenacity of willpower to keep plugging away at the resolutions even when life in all of its glorious forms gets […]

And so it goes….

that when I get a “life”, my blog suffers. Yeah, yeah, I know–in the big scheme of things, this is not a tragic event. Shouldn’t even really register as a blip on the radar. EXCEPT that this blog is sort of a reflection of Me in more ways than one. When things get “busy” parts […]

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