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Mental Health Day

That’s what I got today….no work combined with the kids being at their Dad’s house meant I could grab a coffee and head off to wander some stores I haven’t been to in ages (and a few I’ve been to quite a bit, but alone and without anyone asking me to buy them anything!). The […]

Blog Praise

I spend a lot of down time blog-surfing. I find comfort that other moms want to scream at the end of a long day, that other working women experience some of the same frustrations at work, and I love picking up tips and fabulous ideas from other people more creative than me. My favorite place […]

Pausing to Breathe

It’s probably not a good thing that no one has asked me why I’ve neglected my blog for so long….so either no one is reading, or it’s just THAT boring. The upside, I guess, is that I can say whatever I want and not piss anyone off Things have been busy here–I realize that’s not […]

Beyond the mundane

My lovely friend Maricar always talks about finding rainbows among the everday-ness of life. I admit I’m more of a skeptic…a ‘glass half empty’ kind of gal. But today, as I went about my day and worried about all sorts of everyday things (yes, I know, worrying about them won’t solve the issues–I do it […]

Back to reality

Had a lovely week–for the most part–in Hays. Visits to our usual favorite food places (Taco Shoppe, Daylight Donuts) and revisited a couple that I hadn’t been to for years (Al’s Chickenette & Professor’s). Many evenings spent playing catch. Painted fun pottery pieces at Pottery Works that we will pick up next time we are […]

I may have overdone it a bit….

but what a fun day. Started by hanging out here: With some lovely new(ish) friends I’ve met through Executive Women International (a networking/philanthropic group I’m active in through work). Fun vendors, good conversation, great brunch and a nice break from the ‘everyday.’ Then took the kids out for limeades (we love the Happy Hour at […]

I knew I was forgetting *something*

I promised to draw a name for my Cards for Heroes bloghop on Tuesday at 9 p.m……..and yeah, I totally, completely spaced that out. My apologies. So, tonight, little Ms. Erin drew a slip out of our cute little basket, and the lucky winner is: christy sheffield said…Love your card! Love the colors, too. And, […]

Long weekend

I hate to admit it, but I wish this weekend wouldn’t end… started out with a string of mishaps so ridiculous on Friday that I truly thought Ashton Kutcher was going to jump out from behind a bush and yell “You’ve Been Punked!”. But, it was so nice to hang with the kids, take naps […]

Blog Hop–Cards for Heroes

I am participating in my first ever blog hop, for While I do not have a “direct” connection to anyone currently serving in our military, I have friends whose families are making the ultimate sacrifice of missing their spouse/father/mother while they work hard in remote places every day & night to protect all of […]


Nicholas spent an awful lot of time in the bathroom tonight….he said his tummy hurt and he had “the runs”. So I went on with making dinner. After awhile I hear that urgent but whiny “mommmmmyyyyyy” coming from the bathroom. I run over, thinking that he really had something terrible going on. I open the […]

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