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Listen to Your Mother Monday: Kristin Shaw

It’s Monday, so it’s time to listen to our mothers. I can’t remember if it was the ever cool Greta or my sweet friend Ashley who suggested this reading when I put out a ‘help me pick a few of your favorites to feature’ plea not too long ago. I know that more than one […]

Listen to Your Mother Monday: Sarah Manley

It’s not often I get rubbed by a pinup girl. Then again, the night of Listen to Your Mother wasn’t just any night, and Sarah “Sam” Manley isn’t just any pinup girl. I knew her name, of course, before we met; she’s a blogger rock star that had landed on The Today Show, GMA and […]

Listen to Your Mother Monday: Marinka

So today I’ve been stalking Marinka. We’ve never met, but she was in the 2013 NYC cast of Listen to Your Mother and as I watched videos I couldn’t help but watch hers twice. She’s funny! For the record, I think she should give tips to the other mothers even if no one explicitly asks. […]

Listen to Your Mother Monday: Rebecca Soodak

Technically it’s still Monday, at least for the next ten minutes. I’m beginning to think I should have known better than to think I could interrupt an invoice day to make sure I had a post ready; but this is how much I love being able to share these videos every week. I don’t care […]

Listen to Your Mother Monday: Leslie Kohlmeyer

The cool thing about being a part of Listen to Your Mother was the instant addition of 13 new sisters. That’s truly how I began to see these women that I was lucky enough to share that stage with; each unique in her own way, each with a special talent or a distinctive way of […]

Listen to Your Mother Monday: Alexandra Rosas

Let’s pretend for just a minute that it’s still Monday instead of 2 a.m. Tuesday morning. Let’s pretend that the day didn’t get away from me because it was filled with profiles and articles and carpal tunnel and deadlines and tears. The tears came as I read about Alexandra Rosas’ mother’s passing. It’s a surreal […]

Listen to Your Mother Monday: Arnebya Herndon

I’ve never liked Mondays until now. Now, I have something to look forward to because it’s Listen to Your Mother Monday and I’m having such fun watching videos to find just the one I want to share each week. I found today’s video through a suggestion from my friend Greta, who was a fellow KC […]

Listen to Your Mother Monday: Michelle Burdick

It’s Listen to Your Mother Monday! And let me tell you, it’s not easy choosing just one video to share. There are so many that I can’t wait to feature, so I hope you’ll keep coming back each week, and that you’ll link up with your very own favorites. This week I can’t help but […]

Listen to Your Mother Monday: Katy Jacob

Well, the time is here. Listen to Your Mother videos are up on the Listen to Your Mother YouTube channel. I won’t lie and tell you that I’m thrilled that I’m on video, because, honestly, it makes me a little bit crazy. But what I am happy about is that I can see so many […]

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