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Longing for October

I miss October. My October was a month of travel: Chicago, then Austin. It was filled with friends I don’t get to see often, the gorgeous Chicago skyline, the energy of both cities, fantastic food, amazing music, and days with nothing to do other than sit back and listen. November, though, is all business. Budgets. […]

Doing What I Can

I got stickers today. I got one at the polls, where I cast my vote for those I want to hold public office, even though I wonder if that vote really matters. Yes, I understand that every vote matters. In theory. I still question whether or not my vote matters in reality. I’ve voted every […]


Once upon a time, when I was thin and single and living the life in my huge, gorgeously hard wood floored courtyard apartment on the north side of Chicago, I kept the same bag of peanut M&Ms in my freezer for almost two years. Having it there gave me permission to eat them whenever I […]

Happy Birthday, Dragon Boy

I’m a dragon, mom. And you’re a dog. That means we’ll fight a lot. He was about eight or so. Young enough that he wasn’t so damn obstinate when someone suggested going to a Chinese restaurant (or any restaurant with anything other than burgers, chicken strips or fettuccine Alfredo on the menu). Young enough that […]


Warning…if you refer to me as your daughter or your mother, you might want to skip this one. Just sayin’.  It’s not good feng shui to have stuff under the bed. Move it, she said. Tonight, when you get home. I knew what was underneath. The storage box made specifically for under the bed, the […]

#WhereILivedWednesday: Maple Street

It’s the first house I remember, though I no longer remember the entire address. Just the street. Maple Street, right off the main drag of 13th and Vine. When I drive past now it’s so tiny though I imagine back then I thought it pretty grand. Like so many others in small town Kansas, it’s […]

The Other Side of Five Bucks

My grandma was always stuffing money in my pocket. Not big bills—she didn’t have those, or she’d have given those, too—but ones or a five or, if the calendar was just right, a ten. Before I had kids she was direct; she’d say ‘get me my purse, hatza’ and when I’d change the subject and […]

The Power of One

It’s been one year since she left us. As I kneeled in church today after lighting a candle for her, I thought about what a small word that is. One. The time between then and now doesn’t seem all that small, even though I know it is. Maybe it’s my relationship to time in general; […]

#WhereILivedWednesday: Heaven on Claremont

It was my favorite. Still is. I found it after hastily signing a lease on a place in a more trendy part of town. That place was nice on paper; an exposed brick wall, high enough up for a view and a cute doctor lived next door. The allure didn’t last long, though. The roof […]

#WhereILivedWednesday: Mertz Hall

There wasn’t much in the old blue van. Boxes of clothes, a few shoes, books, pictures. A stereo and cassette tapes. Boy, did I think that stereo was cool. I knew that I’d pick posters after I got there, after my dad and stepmom had gone back home. I hoped I had a view of […]

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