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While the Water Boils

  While the water boils, life toils. Dishes are washed, checkbooks are balanced and plans are discussed. While the water boils, life lulls. Glances are stolen, necks are hugged. Embraces linger. While the water boils, life ponders. Questions are asked, options discussed and dreams are dreamed. While the water boils, life moves. Children grow. Mothers […]

Being Ready…or Not

The time is here. Tomorrow I’ll load my oldest in my car and drive him away. I’m leaving him in good hands, with good people, to embark on an amazing opportunity. He’s ready. I don’t think I am. I can’t help but think back to when I started college. I was two years older, sure, […]

Inspired by Ephron: Lists

Nora Ephron passed away last month.  I’ve always been fascinated by her but am sad to admit that I never really learned much about who she was or what she was about. It’s easy to let the writers hide, I think; not that I think she was intentionally hiding, but when her stories and words […]

Celebrating Mother’s Day

*Sometimes life blesses us with unexpected "moms". In my case, it was my Aunt Mina. She was my great aunt, actually, and as my grandma's sister she helped raise my dad and his siblings while my grandma, a single mother to five, worked a handful of jobs to make ends meet. As the first born […]

What She Taught Me

Tackling a Mama Kat writing prompt today; one that is heavy on my heart and so fresh, even after almost 42 years, that it brings tears and a funky outlook on life. It's no secret to anyone who knows me or who reads my blog that Mother's Day is tough for me. As  mom, it's […]

Grandma, Growing Old and Lent…..Really

I'm thinking a lot about age these days; growing old, feeling old, acting old. Perhaps it was the heart attack my dad had, or my time with my grandma over the weekend, but it seems to be hitting closer to home than I'd like to admit. I realize that it's a blessing to grow old. […]

Final One Little Word Blog Hop of 2011

Here we are….a full year later and still hopping. A huge thanks to Margie who hosts this monthly event. It keeps me accountable to checking in with my One Little Word and for that I am grateful. The January 1 hop goes live at 8 a.m. PST, and the entire list is below. If you're […]

Not Enough Birthdays

I love the threads that pop up on Facebook and the email chains that circulate that idealize growing up in the '70s. Wistful thinking about how we rode around on bikes without helmets, stayed out until the street lights came on and drank water straight from the yard hose. Of course all of that–and more–is […]

Wait….where did I put those 15 years again?

Time is a funny thing. Ask me on any given Monday, when my afternoon is dragging, and I'll complain that it moves too slowly. Come Friday, though, it seems I can't remember where the week went, it whizzed by so quickly. Imagine my whiplash this past weekend, as I took my baby to visit his […]

Day 10 All About Me: Photos Then & Now

This prompt is a fun one, and the timing is perfect. As I was flipping through old photos earlier this week, daydreaming about actually having time to put them in albums for the kids (true confession: Nicholas is 10 and he has no scrapbooks. None. Adam is 15 and I think I've done up to […]

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